Monday, July 26, 2010

scribe...for chrome

so i am back to scribefire (from chrome..find it here and it does have that white/grey with a tinge of blue google feel. Also the fact that its uncluttered is what has always got me to use it...more later...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Another announcement of me being back!!!

They say that any announcement on the blog that you are going to post from now on essentially translates to the blog being dead...:)

However, there is no perfect time to do any thing. So with that assumption, i am truly back....

Have been sort of so engrossed with "140 characters" that i forgot that there is a vernacular world called blogging where i rightfully belong.

So hoping to keep in touch and share whats cooking on my mind....

Friday, December 11, 2009

My day of reckoning!!!

What else....The semester exams begins today...I had been thru a few sems but never blogged about it..fair enough...This time its a different story altogether and the exams start with a brain-crashing mathematics....
The peculiarity of this subject is well documented by any tiny-totter to a no-holds barred scientists...
Trying my luck today. Will post regarding how i managed.
My motto: Maths...dont bother about grades. Just sneak through

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Illusive sense of security?

The recent brouhaha over SRK detention brings to notice an important issue which finds resonance across everybody. That issue being the effectiveness of intelligence gathering. What purpose does a multi-billion dollar security apparatus serve if they can't verify who SRK is?

The point is how do we trust these guys and what use do they make of all our legitimate information?
The phone-tapping, scans, frisks, bgc etc. Do they server any purpose?
The unwritten rule seems to be everybody inclusive of highly respected Dr. Abdul Kalam (never mind, he is a former president) and SRK (who is he? lol) is a suspect. I am sure they even take the pants down of Barack Hussein Obama when he boards air force one. No one is bigger then the law isnt it?

Most concerning, is the fact the US security apparatus seems to be paranoid post 9/11. Of course, we are all appalled and share the same grief. We know how it feels when we are attacked. our sufferings are well documented pre 9/11. We had our parliament attacked, blasts everywhere, our own centre of pride (mumbai) held at gun-point for 3 days. Yet, though with seething anger, we have gotten back to normal lives with lessons learnt. But still we are not paranoid. We dont detain every boat in the arabian sea. Nor do we block all humans from

Of course, the US guys seem a lot less hawkish now under a pragmatic president. But the fact is,every international traveller is shit-scared of entering US lest they be part of a detailed security procedure. Its like a short detention camp at every port of entry.

The US is too good a country to let these hawks ruin their free spirit, openness and the pursuit of happiness which is the corner stone of their declaration of independence. A couple of minutes on their history is ample proof and would assure is that they will bounce back and be the sun-shine country that everybody in the world wanted to migrate and call home.

At the same time, its a lesson to all of the other countries, that merely getting a illusionary procedure to harass its own citizens does not serve any purpose.

We all dread of any events of national importance becos we know we may be stopped for checks, ID's and what not. A national celebration turns into a nightmare for every reveller. I had it first-hand this independence day.

So wishing for common sense and pragmatism.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cloud Computing ----very cloudy

Dusting off my clustering skills after a hiatus of two years (had worked on building a cluster for nutch back then), i am starting work on a eucalyptus ( cloud on rocks cluster...

The definition of cloud computing is one cloud but i would still like to re-emphasize the utility of a level of abstracion and isolation on various levels like memory,cpu etc etc (one more definition to the trash)

will keep posted on the happenings as i go along...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mailing list pun

Found a nice page with lots of intended pun on mailing list etiquettes...Its hilarious but quite importantly gets the message across...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

w-meter tool released

we released a new tool developed at our lab to the open-source community. Have a look at The tool is meant to do conformance testing and performance evaluation of wi-fi products

have a look at